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Waxing from Sage Therapies

Unwanted hair in places you don’t need it? From noses to toes and most places in between! Sage Therapies in Norwich offers waxing to both men and women, leaving you with soft, hair free skin for much longer than if you shaved or used a removal cream. With the hair being removed along with the root, when the hair starts to grow back it will feel softer as the end is tapered. Men and women find having smooth hair free skin addictive, with 4-6 weekly regular appointments giving the best results. Intimate waxing has become a lot more mainstream over the last few years. Having worked at a specialist waxing studio, I have provided at least 800 male and female intimate waxes, so you can rest assured of a quality treatment.

What are the benefits of having Sage Therapies Waxes?

  • Superior waxing treatment
  • Specialist wax therapist with over 14 year experience
  • Saves you time in daily beauty maintenance (no more daily shaving)
  • Smooth, hair free skin
  • Specialist intimate waxing for men and women
  • Same therapist at all wax appointments
  • Calm, quiet atmosphere – time for yourself
  • Quality unisex products used from trusted distributors
  • Knowing that your therapist is always up dating her training and learning the latest techniques
  • Strict hygiene means the use of gloves, no double dipping the spatula, high levels of sanitising and disinfecting between clients.

After Care Advice for waxing

Having had the treatment, you’re hopefully thrilled with the results, but it’s easy to get home and forget my aftercare advice.

But if you don’t look after your skin post waxing you’re not going to get the best benefits from it. Follow these simple steps to help you get the best from your waxing:

  • Don’t use any heat treatments on the skin for the next 24 hours; this includes hot bathes, sun bathing, sauna etc which after waxing may lead to it becoming sensitive
  • Don’t exercise for the next 24 hours. Sweat and bacteria from exercise can lead to more spots than usual
  • Wear loose clothing after your wax to let the skin “breath” and to avoid any friction on waxed areas
  • Avoid perfumed creams and lotions for 24 hours. Basic moisturisers such as aqueous cream or ones containing soothing aloe vera or tea tree ingredients would be fine
  • After 2 or 3 days start to exfoliate and moisturise your waxed skin every day. This is the best way to avoid ingrown hairs which can be both unsightly and uncomfortable, but are mostly preventable. Use either a body mitt, brush or a product containing exfoliating ingredients every day

Look after your skin and if you’re serious about keeping it hair free for longer book your appointment for every 4 weeks. That way your hairs will all be in the same growth cycle, giving you hair free skin for longer.

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