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Eyelash Extensions From sage Therapies

Visit Sage Therapies in Norwich, where we can have a chat so I can understand the look you want to achieve and advise what treatment will suit both your lifestyle and your lashes. At our salon in Norwich, Sage Therapies offer a free consultation and patch test prior to your booking.

All eyelash and tinting clients will need to have a small patch test 48 hours prior to your first treatment; the test itself is a dab of adhesive placed behind the ear, plus 2/3 lashes applied to your eyelashes, this allows you to be sure that you don't react to the products that are used. I ask for half the payment at the patch test to secure your next appointment slot.

What are the benefits of having Sage Therapies Eyelash Extensions?

  • The option of either classic or Russian Volume lashes, depending on the look you want to achieve and the natural lashes you have for me to work with
  • No smearing or smudging; perfect for weddings, holidays and special occasions, as well as full time wear
  • Eye shape assessment to make the best of your eyes and facial features. Making the best or what you naturally have and helping to disguise droopy eyelids, close set or wide apart eyes etc
  • First rate, beautiful results while having a luxurious relaxing treatment
  • Saves you time in daily beauty maintenance (no more false lash application, mascara etc)
  • Advanced eyelash technician with Russian Volume training
  • That feeling of being “made up” but without any make up on
  • Feels both natural and weightless while protecting your natural eyelashes
  • Extensions are water resistant (24 hours after application)
  • Relaxing and comfortable treatment - time for yourself
  • Quality products used from trusted distributors
  • Knowing that your therapist is always up dating her training and learning the latest techniques
  • Advanced techniques used including Russian volume multi lash pick up, capping, layering, feathering, candy caning, stacking etc
  • Eye shape assessment to make the best of your eyes and facial features
  • Strict hygiene means the use of barbicide, UV light box and sanitising between clients
  • Beautiful, hygienic, synthetic mink and silk lashes are only ever used

Looking after your Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Having made the investment, you’re hopefully thrilled with the results, but it’s easy to get home and forget my aftercare advice.

But if you don’t look after those eyelashes they aren’t going to last as long as you’d hoped and you may end up with some natural eyelash damage, so it’s worth the time and effort to look after them. Follow these simple steps to help you get the best from your lash extensions:

  • Use a non oily eye makeup remover/cleanser and be very careful wiping around the eye area. Take your time and use a cotton bud around your eye line to get the last traces of makeup off, without scrubbing. Oily make up remover will start to break the glue bonds down, making the synthetic lash fall off
  • Don’t use mascara if possible, but if you do it must be non waterproof and only use on your bottom lashes. (Available from Sage Therapies)
  • Keep you eyelashes dry for at least the first 24 hours. This includes not going in a sauna, swimming etc
  • Use a clean mascara wand to brush your lovely lashes into position in the mornings
  • Don’t pull or pluck at your lashes, otherwise damage will occur
  • Keep all moisturiser’s away from your eyelashes, again the oils in them will drastically shorten the life span of your eyelash extensions
  • Look after those lashes; come back for your in-fills every 2-3 weeks and you’ll have beautiful, long, full lashes for as long as you want
  • If you would like any more details or to book an appointment with Faye click the link here or telephone 01603 486538

Semi Permanent eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extensions From sage Therapies

These are synthetic mink and silk eyelashes that are applied, very carefully to your individual lashes, giving you a natural or dramatic look. Eyelashes renew themselves within 12 weeks, with a few falling out daily, hence why they are referred to as semi permanent eyelashes. They will need in-filling around every 2 to 3 weeks to keep them looking as full, thick and beautiful as the day you first had them applied.

Lashes are available in different curls, thicknesses, lengths and even colours, meaning I personalise your extensions just for you. Choose from either Classic eyelash extensions, or Russian Volume Lashes. This is an advanced technique, where a fan of tiny, light weight lashes are carefully created and adhered to one of your own natural lashes. It may also be known as 2D - 6D lashes, depending how many lashes make up the fan. This technique is wonderful to create both a very glamorous, full and fluffy eyelash look or for those ladies with very sparse and fine natural lashes.

I also tailor make and design your eyelashes to suit your facial features. Using lashes in a specific framework I can help to hide less appealing features, while accentuating the good.

They are light weight and soft making them very comfortable to wear and leaving you feeling “done” even without make up on. Remember keeping your natural eyelashes healthy is paramount, which is why I take great care over hygiene, careful application, and good after care advice.

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting

Eyelash Extensions From sage Therapies

This is a quick and easy treatment that defines and darkens the lashes and eyebrows. Tint is carefully applied and removed once the correct colour is achieved. It usually last from between 3-6 weeks depending on your hair colour, type and what products that you use afterwards. Tints are individually mixed, with colours ranging from blue/black to mid brown. Clients find that tinting frees them from having to apply mascara or from using eyebrow make up. No smearing after swimming, crying or exercising!

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